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Don’t have Resharper? How hard is it to jump to a specific class in Visual Studio?

Oct 15

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Monday, October 15, 2018 10:01 PM  RssIcon

VS2017At my last employer, I was able to use Jetbrains Resharper. I hesitate to say I was “lucky” because I thought I would MISS it after changing positions, but to be honest, I’m finding out things about Visual Studio I never realized it could do before! One of the HUGE benefits I THOUGHT with Resharper was the ability to JUMP quickly to a specific class. With the finger flicks of CTRL+J, start typing out your class name, arrow down to the one you see and want, hit enter, and you’re there! Bingo, Boingo, you’re coding and right at it!

At my new work, we in QA automation don’t have Resharper, and I had a few friends ask me if it was worthwhile spending the money to get Resharper? I answered with a “can you give me a bit of time to find see if stock VS has what we need?” Thankfully I’m finding out some really cool things about Visual Studio, and it has some nifty tricks up it’s sleeve.

Before we get to far, let’s put this whole Resharper thing in perspective. It costs ~$300 for the first year. If you amortize their prices out over three years, it works out to $0.85 per day for three years (at todays 10-10-2018 exchange rate). And let’s not forget, you don’t own anything, even after three years. You’re BORROWING the program.


Curious, the webpage indicates it knows I’m from Canada (as exhibited up on the top right), except it continues to quote me US\American dollars. Things that make you go hmmmmmmm.

Ok, SURE, Resharper CAN give you a lot of extra horsepower. But I challenge you to really find the features you USE, I mean REALLY use, day in and day out! Is it REALLY worth almost a dollar a day?! Really?

Ok, for me, one of the BIGGEST advantages of Resharper was the ability to jump to a class in hyperspace time! CTRL+J, start typing out the class name (you could even use CAPS and it would find the camel case class named, pretty cool!). And I immediately missed that feature. (From web searches, it’s now called Go to Type with CTRL+T). Except it’s not missing, it’s REALLY there!!!! It’s called Edit.GoToAll, and I have mine setup to CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+J.


So what you ask? I hit my magic shortcut (CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+J), up pops the Go to All search window, and I start typing. EXACTLY like in Resharper. Beautiful!


And here I was thinking I had lost a KEY Resharper benefit, but I found it last week, and I just had to share with you! So, with the right keyboard shortcut, it’s actually NOT that hard at all to hyperspace to your classes! Now it’s time to grab a coffee and get coding!

PS I know there are other benefits to Resharper, but let’s be honest, are you REALLY using them day-in and day-out?! Really? Yes, yes, I understand it has BOAT LOADS of code analytics, standard enforcements and code improvements, but how many do you ACTUALLY use ritually over and over again? If you do use it and you can justify there $1/d, GREAT! I’m still struggling to see it’s value there.


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