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If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a vid worth? And just how hard can it be to get a vid for a bug report?

Oct 12

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Friday, October 12, 2018 5:00 PM  RssIcon

If you’re a QA or dev, you’ve had to write up a bug report, right? A GOOD bug report will have a steps to reproduce, along with expected and actual outcomes. You need to show what’s wrong and what you’re expecting after all.

If you’ve read an earlier article on this blog about screen captures (Who knew taking screen shots\captures could have so many options?) you’ll know how easy it is to get static, individual steps. Those are GREAT, a picture’s worth a thousand words right? Except, there are just some times… need MORE!

What’s more? You just want to show someone exactly what you’re seeing, motion included! Flashes, stutters, something that’s going on just now, only for you, in the heat of THAT moment of time!!!!! You need to capture it to show someone else you’re not NUTS for seeing something there!

imageBut how do you do it? Impossible? Well, thanks to a colleague at work (thanks Mark), he showed me LICEcap. It’s a great tool which will create a very small sized GIF file that you can easily drop into any bug reporting system that lets you attach files (which is any\all of them worth the 1s and 0s it’s written in LOL).

I’m sure there are other tools out there, but this one is simple, easy to install, easy to use, and creates small gifs.

Check out just how easy it is use install and start using.


Oh, and by the way, if you’re seeing motion in that “pic” above, you’ve immediately proven it’s usefulness! As a side note, if you notice a black screen, that’s the install getting Windows to ask me about installing something and needing special privileges.

To use LICEcap, I simply put it on my Start menu (the pic up on the right is from my Start menu), with my keyboard with the Start button, LICEcap is very quickly accessible! Once you launch it, it puts a windowed border onto your screen, but this window is completely see through. You simple “frame” the area you want to record (likely your app or your browswer). Then you find the Record button in the bottom right hand side.


Bang the Record button, select your favorite path and a filename (I do wish it would have an auto-incrementing option instead of overwriting same filename) and hit Save.  I would like to suggest checking off the mouse button press and the pausing options. This will help your viewers know exactly what you clicked on. I didn’t on the above capture, and it’s a bit harder to know for sure what I clicked on and what I hit enter on. You will also have to remember the keyboard shortcut for pausing.


Now you return inside that window and do what you want others to see later on. After you’re done, hit the Stop button and you’ve got your gif. Goto your bug tracking system and drop or insert attachment.

So, it turns out, if you have the right tools (LICECap), it’s actually quite easy to get a vid of your bug.

Resources = Who knew taking screen shots\captures could have so many options?

cockos Incorporated LICEcap =

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